• Bath Body Oil Pump - Bath Accessory

Oil Pump

Reusable pump that fits our Custom Blended Bath & Body Oil bottles.  

This listing is for the oil pump only, and not for the bottle of oil. 

To Use: Cut bottom of pump tube at a 45 degree angle to desired length. Remove cap from bottle and replace with pump.

To clean: When transferring to a new bottle from an old bottle, we recommend the following steps:

Before removing pump from bottle, attempt to empty all oil from pump. Mix warm to hot water with dish soap, and place pump in water. Do several pumps to pull the soapy mixture through the tube (if there is a lot of oil present, do several more pumps). Repeat the same steps, but instead use only warm water to remove soap mixture. Finally, gently pull tube from top of pump. Allow to air dry completely before placing in new bottle of oil. 

  • $ 2.00