• Christmas Abroad Gift Box

Christmas Abroad Gift Box

Want to get away this holiday season, or at least imagine you're somewhere a bit more romantic? Close your eyes and open up our Christmas Abroad gift box and prepare to be transported to an elegant journey aboard the Orient Express. Let the rhythm of the train relax you as you indulge in warm slice of almond biscotti (Sugared Almond Soap) dunked into a cup of freshly brewed espresso (Coffee with Cocoa Butter Sugar Scrub, Coffee with Cocoa Soap, & Coffee with Cocoa Body Butter). Mid-afternoon sit back and enjoy the passing countryside while sipping on an aperitif, and as the lights dim on the train, enjoy a libation or two (French 75 Bath Bomb and a Kir Royale Bath Bomb) before retiring for the evening. Now you've just had a little escape, without ever leaving your shower!

All gift sets include a full size sugar scrub, large body butter, three soaps, two bath bomb cubes and a wooden spoon for the sugar scrub. Beautifully packaged in decorative gift boxes with coordinating fill. Perfect to gift (or keep one for yourself if you're on the nice list!)

Christmas Abroad Box includes:

Please Note: Products in gift box may shift during shipping. While we do what we can to mitigate movement during transit, you may want to open the gift set and rearrange products as needed before gifting. 

  • $ 77.50