Himalayan Candle Refill Kit

Refill your used Himalayan candles containers! Make your own soy candles from this kit from Himalayan Candles. Contains 8 cubes of 4 ounces each of scented wax, glue dots, 6 wicks, and an instruction card. 

Available in the following scents:

Bourbon Vanilla: Madagascar vanilla beans laced with a hint of malt whiskey, musk & amber

Campfire: Birch, cedar, clove, vetiver, and smoky musk.

Grapefruit Pine: Grapefruit, plum, Siberian fir, musk and sandalwood.

Hidden Cove: Eucalyptus, bamboo leaves, a hint of citrus and wild mint.

Honeysuckle: Gardenia, ginger lilies, late spring honeysuckle, jasmine, clove & ylang ylang.

Orange Grove: Zesty orange, plum, pink grapefruit & strawberries.

Red Currant: Apples, oranges, herbaceous florals, forest pine & geranium.

Sugared Lemon: Lemon, orange peel, berries, vanilla & cashmere.

Tobacco Bark:  Dark rum, incense, sweet woody tobacco, citrus, clove and vanilla.

Made in the United States of America.

Please note: Containers are not included with this kit, only materials to refill previously used containers.

  • $ 44.00