The PS Manifesto

We believe in 2 pm espresso breaks, chocolate truffle indulgences, red wine sipping afternoons & dinners that go late into the night. We believe in Vespa rides with the wind in our hair, drinking with new friends in a beer garden, & getting lost in a strange city.

We choose to work to live, & not live to work. We recognize Europeans have a knack for living, and for living quite well at that. Afternoon siestas, rich cream sauces (hello, French cuisine!), or an Aperol spritz while overlooking the piazza while the sun dips below the horizon- perhaps these should all be required tools for self-care?

We strive to create products that focus on simplicity, because there is an inherent beauty in simpler things.  Sustainable packaging or eco-friendly ingredients doesn't have to be stuffy or boring. We believe you can always do more with less. We will never be fussy or pretentious, but should that happen, a quick tap on the shoulder letting us know would be perfect.

We believe in kindness, grace & humility & understand the importance of being ready to grow, learn & explore.  We realize that travel is one of the greatest teachers we will ever have, so if we’re ever given the chance to jump on a plane and go somewhere new, you better believe we’re getting on.

We want to create products inspired by trips abroad; summers in Sorrento, hikes in the shadow of the Eiger, or sipping a café au lait on a sidewalk cafe in Paris. If you can’t make it there just yet, we hope we can give you a bit of a preview.

We live for the memories of trips & adventures that have happened & for the excitement & anticipation of the ones that are yet to come.
Let’s get going...