Ready Readers


Early on in life, I found the joy of becoming engrossed in a book. Able to escape into a story for hours on end, I would be transported to the moss-covered walls in The Secret Garden, or walking through the snow-filled forests of Narnia. I also realized the value of literacy, and how lucky I was to have that tool at my disposal.

It goes without saying that literacy is of paramount importance for children, as it ties into every aspect of education, hobbies, and countless other touch points. With that being said, we want to support organizations that help foster literacy early on in life. Ready Readers, a St. Louis based organization, does just that while working in low-income areas. Each week, volunteers read and engage with students in the classroom, and throughout the year, distribute books that the students can take home and keep for themselves. 

At our Scent Library, we'll be donating 10% of sales from our products to Ready Readers, to help them with the purchase of more books. Any time you mix up a custom blended Bath & Body Oil, or a Custom Sugar Scrub, you're helping provide tools and resources to children that might otherwise have limited access to reading materials.

 Thank you for you support of this endeavor! Stay tuned for updates. 

Kindest regards,